An Introduction – A Latina Soiree

A Style Soiree

If you follow me on social media, or know me personally, you KNOW how proud I am of my Latina American roots. I am a “Proud Peruvian” as I mention in my personal Twitter bio. When I thought about what I wanted my blog to be about, I knew I wanted to highlight my Hispanic background and all the wonderful features that come with it. I particularly wanted to celebrate Latin American women. We are strong, fierce, outspoken, loud, sassy and so much more! We’re truly a force to be reckoned with. That is how A Latina Soiree was born!


Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift 2016

Sephora Beauty Insider Levels

The Sephora Beauty Insider 2016 birthday gift has been revealed and I can’t wait until my birthday! This year, we get a choice for what birthday gift we prefer, which makes me very happy. Choice or not, the gifts are always fabulous and definitely on the list of must-haves. As my birthday is in December, I recently received my deluxe samples of Nars Velvet Matte and Satin Lip Pencils. I LOVE them and plan on getting the full sizes ASAP!


Moby Wrap – Tips, Tricks & Review

If you follow me on social media, you’ll quickly notice that it’s no secret that I LOVE my Moby Wrap; however, it was not an easy task to figure it out or to get my little one used to it. After a fellow mama on Instagram asked me for some tips, I was inspired. I’m sharing my very best tips and tricks to getting the best of your Moby Wrap, and also sharing a review on how I grew to love it!

Moby Wrap Review


Baby Food Prep – Chicken Broth

Chicken broth was the very first thing I made my little Zoey when I started her baby food prep. I was given the idea by a family friend to make this broth from scratch, instead of just using water. I’m sharing a fairly basic and easy recipe with you, but feel free to add any other ingredients that you think would be super tasty for your little one.

Organic Chicken Broth


Fuller House Teaser

That is exactly what I had to tell myself a second ago when I saw that Netflix had released a teaser for Fuller House. I am right back in the 90’s with my black spandex shorts, over-sized sweater and teased hair – the epic DJ Tanner look!

The big news is that they will launch all of the episodes on February 26th, 2016, so mark your calendars! We all know what I will be doing on that day… #NetflixAndChill (literally!).

Okay, okay….here it is!


Newborn Babies Crawl To Breastfeed

Newborn Babies Breastfeeding

If there is one thing that I was fascinated by when I became a mother it was how close I felt to nature. I was in awe of how my animalistic instincts, as well as my baby’s, came into play within my our new roles as mommy and baby. I noticed this most when I was breastfeeding, especially during the first few days while still at the hospital. How does she just know? How does my body just know? It’s amazing the connection that is established between mothers and the needs of their newborn babies


Top Black Friday Online Deals of 2015

Black Friday Deals 2015

It’s not officially Black Friday yet, but I’ve already shopped at Indigo, E.L.F. Cosmetics and Etsy! Let’s put it this way, I have had a love/hate relationship with my emails this week. With all the fabulous deals that have been coming my way, it would be rude of me to not share the wealth.


You, Me & Pregnant Celebrities

During my pregnancy, I noticed something on the red carpets of Hollywood that I had never paid much attention to before; pregnant celebrities look so damn fabulous! Before I experienced pregnancy, I didn’t think much of it other than “Wow, she looks great!”. After experiencing pregnancy, I now KNOW why they look so great!…They are in hiding all throughout the first trimester!

Don’t get me wrong, kudos to them for working through pregnancy, showing up for red carpet events and meeting many expectations that come along with stardom; but let’s face it, their images are not a true representation of what pregnancy is like.

Meanwhile they look like this…

Beyonce Pregnancy

Pregnancy Blake Lively


Easy Steamed Broccoli Salad

Broccoli Salad

How did my mom get my brother and I to eat broccoli as kids? This salad is how she did it. It is a super quick and easy way to include broccoli in our diet; especially with its nutritional benefits, such as Folic Acid, Vitamins K and C, and Potassium Fibre.


Christmas 2015: Top 5 Advent Calendars for Kids

There is nothing more joyful than counting down to Christmas with the help of an Advent Calendar. I have great memories of my chocolate filled calendars as a child; it was so hard waiting until the next day when you wanted more than one treat! Each year they get more and more creative, and 2015 seems to be a very fun year for the kiddies!

I found awesome advent calendars at Toys R Us that I wanted to share with all of you. I focused on non-edible ones, which I find are much more exciting and a great substitute in case of allergies.

Lego Advent Calendars

Christmas 2015 Advent Calendar