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About - A Style SoireeA place to celebrate everything beautiful, radiant, stunning and delicious is what this blog is all about. I’ll share with you a taste of all the components that make up my life. From recipes to travel experiences, or from baby advice to planning an event; you can find it all here! This is a place where we bring out the best in life; as well as make life a little more interesting and fun.

Remember, even though my blog is written with the chic and stylish mama in mind, everyone is more than welcome. I am sure there is something here for you too; whether you have a human baby, a fur baby, or have opted for no babies at all. Bottom line is that I hope you enjoy reading A Style Soiree as much as I enjoy writing it for you!

About Christie A Style Soiree

About - A Style Soiree

I’m Christie, the founder and editor in chief of A Style Soiree. Believe it or not, I started this blog, under a different name, back in 2010 while I was a university student. SO much has happened since then; from launching my career as a Digital/Social Media Specialist, to getting married and becoming a mommy, I have plenty to share with you.

After having my baby, I found myself visiting my favourite pre-mama days blogs and then visiting my top mama/baby blogs; however, there wasn’t an all-in-one source out there. I was looking for a source that could tell me about the latest Urban Decay Naked palette, while on the next post tell me about why Sophie the Giraffe is so loved by my baby. So my marketing mind caused a lightbulb to go off and that is how the new re-launched A Style Soiree came to be!

I love to travel, eat delicious food, conquer DIY projects, binge watch tv shows, go on mommy-daughter adventures, and so much more! No matter what exciting and spontaneous things I’m up to, you will most likely find them here. Happy reading!

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