Carlos Vives Tour 2017

Now that I have had some time to gather my thoughts and exit the state of shock I was in to find out about Carlos Vives’ Canadian tour, and getting amazing seats for his concert, I am finally able to write about the details of his upcoming show. He’s performing in Calgary tonight, but will be in Montreal and Toronto later this week. Find out all the details, and how you can still get tickets below.

A Carlos Vives Fan

If you follow me on Twitter this post will be of no surprise. I have been tweeting about Carlos Vives coming to Canada since I initially found out about his concert because I am beyond excited and stoked. I literally have no words as to how bad I’ve been wanting to see him in concert since I was a little girl. You see, because I grew up in Canada and in the suburbs. I never truly had a Latino-Canada identity. As a little girl, I was born in Peru and lived in Canada – that was the end of it. I would complain when my dad would put on Latin American music, until I heard him play Carlos Vives. That cheerful. magical sound of the accordion and the flauta in ballenato opened my eyes to this new sound that had the blood cells individually dancing. I remember, it was “La Gota Fria” which made my heart happy. Who was this performer? What is this sound?

Years later we went to Peru for family vacation and “Carito” was playing in every radio station, and I still couldn’t get enough. I learned all the words. I bought the CD. To this day, that CD is a staple in my car.

I wanted to share this personal story and the connection I have with Carlos Vives. It may not be a direct one, but his music is really important to me. So important in fact, that his song “Volver A Nacer” is my husband’s and my official upbeat wedding song. To say the least, seeing him on concert on Sunday will be a very emotional experience for me, so don’t mind the ugly crying Snapchats!

Live in Toronto

Carlos Vives Tour 2017

Now that I’ve gotten all personal and emotional, I’ll move on to the juicy details of the his Canadian tour and his show in Toronto. He’s in Calgary tonight, in Montreal on Saturday and in Toronto (Powerade Centre) on Sunday. HUGE thanks to JEP Agency for making this happen!

Believe it or not, there are still tickets left for the Toronto show, and you can get them on Ticketmaster. If you’re in Montreal, you can try your luck with tickets directly from the venue, L’Olympia.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (AStyleSoiree) as I will be sharing bits and pieces of the show throughout the night. Of course, I will follow up with a killer concert review so stay tuned to my posts next week.

Hope to see you at the show!

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