Concert Review

The day arrived and left way too fast. July 16, 2017 will forever be a day that I will hold dear to my heart as I saw Carlos Vives live in concert, a performer I have been a huge fan of since I was a little girl. In last week’s post, I wrote about why he is of importance to me, and how his music shaped my Latinx identity as an immigrant living in Canada. Today, I get to write about all the details of his show in Toronto, and how it was one of the biggest parties I’ve ever attended.

Carlos Vives Live in Toronto

I had followed the hashtag #VivesEnCanada all week to stay up to date with his two shows, in Calgary and Montreal, prior to the Toronto concert. Based on the photos and videos from the previous shows, I was expecting a performance filled with energy and excitement; not only from Vives but from the crowds.

Heading to the @carlosvives #Toronto concert tonight! πŸ”₯😘 #vivesencanada #concerts

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I was going to see one of my music faves, so of course I had to look my best. I embraced my sultry Latin American vibes with a floral off the shoulder top, loose and tossed curls and a bold red lip. My date for the night was my husband who gifted me the tickets for Mother’s Day – I am a very lucky girl!

The opening acts were La Firma Santana and Chantel Collado. Carlos Vives hit the stage at 9pm on the dot, exactly on time which is always appreciated. I was anticipating that I was going to be a ugly crying mess throughout the whole show, but instead I stood frozen as I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. Since we were on the third row, Carlos Vives was merely a few feet away from me!

The energy that I had anticipated from him was evidently there. Right away he had the crowd dancing and screaming, all so excited to be there. The most beautiful aspect of the crowd was that Vives has a way of bringing together younger and older audiences, all in appreciation of his sounds and lyrics.

Another aspect that is so amazing about his music, but in particular his shows, is the instruments that are involved. From la gaita Colombiana to the accordion, he brings mysic to life in a stellar way. His band, and backup singers, truly bring the show to life. Together, they left me and the rest of the audience in complete awe, or how we say in Spanish, “me dejaron con la boca abierta!”

One of the best parts of the show, and exclusive to Toronto, was that he did a tribute to Venezuela with his song “La Tierra Del Olvido”:

The crowd went WILD! Not only were there many Venezolanos in attendance during the show, but considering the current circumstances in Venezuela it is so special that an artist of his caliber shed light to the country in such a positive and loving manner.

Here are a few more clips of the show:

Remember I mentioned “Carito” in my last post, well this was the song my husband was most excited about seeing live. After it seemed that he wrapped up the show, he and his team cam back out to sing a few more songs and one of them was “Carito”.

The @carlosvives #Toronto show was one of the best parties I’ve ever attended! πŸ‡¨πŸ‡΄ #VivesEnCanada

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I did not want the show to end. I could have stayed there all night, had him repeat songs, and I would have been okay with that. If there was one word that would sum up and describe there show, it would be “celebration”. It was a celebration of music, of life, and of community. Vives is an artist like no other, he has a very unique and positive vibe that shines through his performances.

Below are some photos I took during the show, that hopefully reflects how amazing the experience was:

Whether you are a huge Carlos Vives fan like myself, or simply enjoy his songs, like my husband, this was a must-see show. My husband, who is not a huge fan but knows some of his songs, was blown away by the concert and truly enjoyed it. I, of course, could not believe it was real life and that I was in fact experiencing this for myself. It was a dream come true.

I took this quick selfie halfway through the show, and it is so obvious that we are having the best time. My smile could not be bigger!

Concert Review

If Carlos Vives ever returns to Toronto, I will without a doubt be there, and I hope to see you there too!

Lastly, I’d like to thank JEP Agency for putting such an amazing production together. Of course, thank you to Carlos Vives for sharing your talents with us.

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