The Hamilton Mixtape

I’ve been waiting for this music video to launch and I am speechless. I can’t believe how amazing this song is, how much it speaks to us as immigrants, and how well the video was produced and directed. Lin-Manuel Miranda is using his fame and standing up for immigrants everywhere with this anthem.

Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)

I teared up second after the video began because I can relate to this so much. I think of the sacrifices my parents made when they moved to Canada. I think about what a beautiful life we had in Peru, but how fortunate I am to have the privilege to live in Canada and the opportunities I have because I live here.

No one wants to leave their home country that they love. No one wants to leave their life, family and friends behind. no one wants to start brand new, with limited resources and many times not even knowing the language. But you do it for a better future, a better life, and greater opportunities. North America would not be what it is today without the immigrants that have come here from all over the world. We are your foundation, the thread holding your society together, and your providers. From going shopping to hanging out at home, who helped you at that store? Who  built your house? Who takes care of your children while you kill it at your professional life? Immigrants, we get the job done.


The artists in this song, K’naan, Residente, Riz MC and Snow Tha Product, could not have been more perfect for this song. I have been a fan of K’naan for a long time, not only for his music but for his philanthropy work outside of the music industry.

I am also a fan of Residente because he speaks up through music. He has addressed various controversial issues in his lyrics and stands up in the name of multiple human rights issues, such as immigration and LGBTQ+ rights.

Snow Tha Product is fire! I discovered her on YouTube a while ago and I was mesmerized by her rhymes and he use of both Spanish and English. This is huge for a female rapper!

This is the first time I’ve seen or heard of Riz MC, however I will be following along as this music video and song has peaked my interest about his work.

My Immigration Story

In case you’re interested, check out the video I created of my immigration story for Hispanic Heritage Month:

There is so much more to my life and story than what it is in this video, but I hope this gives you a good glimpse at what being an immigrants means to me.

If you’re wanting to hear more, purchase or stream the The Hamilton Mixtape.

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