Cinco De Mayo party and celebrations.

I don’t make of a big deal about Cinco De Mayo. You may be thinking, “Why the hell not?” It’s the perfect reason to have a margarita or drink tequila! You can wear a sombrero and make tacos!…Exactly. These are some reasons why you’re probably doing it all wrong by celebrating Cinco De Mayo this way. It’s not so much about what we celebrate, but rather HOW we celebrate it.

Cinco De Mayo

Last night, I was thinking of what post I could create to educate my audiences on social media or my readers on this blog about Cinco De Mayo, and in particular what it REALLY represents. Being an immigrant has given me the privilege of noticing that Canada and the US make everything a part of consumer culture – EVERYTHING. They can sell the hell out of ice to penguins if penguins had currency; just like they sell water in bottles to humans. Water.

In true North American fashion, Cinco De Mayo has become a commodity event that involves sombreros, tequila and donkey piñatas. See the example below:

Repeat after me: Cinco De Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence Day.

Here is another example by Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey from MTV, featuring Kat Lazo (one of my faves), explaining three common misconceptions about cinco de mayo:

Why is the content of these videos important? Because Respect. We need to respect other’s cultural practices and traditions; most importantly by not making a joke out of them. People outside North America are NOT barbaric and you are not better than them because you live in Canada or the US. Trust me when I say there are many silly things that happen in North American that we could “celebrate” the hell out of in South America; but we don’t because respect.

Celebrating Cinco De Mayo

I need to thank one of my fave Facebook pages, Latina Rebels, for sharing this with their followers. Latina Rebels educated me with  a brief history on Cinco De Mayo and why it is celebrated in Mexico:

Cinco De MayoI’m not saying you CAN’T celebrate Cinco De Mayo. However, what I am trying to open your eyes to is HOW certain North Americans celebrate it and how that can be seen as disrespectful to Mexican people. Stay woke, kids!

If you’re truly interested in taking part in the holiday, but aren’t sure how, here are a few ways:

Cinco De Mayo

I hope this served as a quick guide to celebrating Cinco De Mayo in a more aware and respectful way in the future.

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