Oh Sephora, I love and hate that I love you. We have a complicated relationship, however there is no doubt that once I leave your store (or check out online) you make me a very happy girl. I don’t have a doubt in my mind that other Sephora addicts feel the exact same way, so I compiled a collection of GIFs that describe #AllOftheFeelings throughout our magical shopping trips.

20 GIFs That Are All Of Us At Sephora

Walking into Sephora like….

When the girl at the front door is holding a basket of samples, greets you, but and doesn’t give you one…

You get over it, and mission to the main item you came here for….

Should you take a basket or not? If you do, it will get filled and you will end up broke… but you also need all the things!

Looking for an available sales associate to answer a question, or help you find a product….

Waiting for someone to help you, because they’re all busy. They’re always busy.

So you end up waiting behind someone whose questions you could have answered….

You finally ask the sales associate about a product, but they tell you nothing more than “It’s great! You should totally get it!”

When you find all the items you needed, and they were all available. Nothing was sold out!

When you thought an item was sold out since it’s not on the shelf, but you’re about to invite yourself into the drawers below….

When you find that one item that’s been sold out online.

When you know you shouldn’t buy it, but you need it.

When you look at all the items you’ve picked up, and think about whether you need them now or if they can wait….

Of course, you decide to put nothing down.

As you approach the cashier and browse all the adorable deluxe sized products…

When they call you up to cash….

And they tell you your total….

But you swipe your card anyway, even though you know you shouldn’t have…

Walking out of the store with zero regrets…

Of course, you must post on social media about your recent purchases.

If only they knew all that you had to experience to get to this point.

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