Segundo Muelle Peru

While I’m in Peru I eat A LOT. No regrets and no second thoughts, I enjoy every bite. With 2 restaurants in the top 10 of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Peru is one of the world’s  leading culinary destinations. Between my love of food, and Peru’s culinary recognition, how could I could I not help myself? During my last visit, one of the restaurants that truly stood out was Segundo Muelle. I attended their location in the Boulevard de Asia and fell in love. I can’t wait to go back!

Boulevard de Asia

I do have to quickly talk about Boulevard de Asia as it is a prime destination for Peruvians and tourist. The boulevard is located in the Asia district of Peru, which is a stretch of the coast that includes various beaches; such as Playa Bonita, Las Palmas, Los Cocos and Puerto Fiel. The Boulevard de Asia, located on the Asia strip is an outdoor shopping centre that is home to restaurants, retail shops, hotels, nightclubs, bars and so much more. It is one of THE hottest vacation spots in the country. You can get a glimpse of all that the Boulevard de Asia has to offer in the video below:

Segundo Muelle

Segundo Muelle has various locations around the world, including Spain and Costa Rica. In Peru, they have approximately 8 locations. During my trip, I had lunch at the Asia location, but also spotted another location at Plaza San Miguel.


As soon as we walked into it felt like paradise. The open concept of the restaurant, is so refreshing and the breeze that comes through is true #BeachLife. By open concept, I mean that the restaurant design opted to use beautiful white curtains as exterior walls, rather than a usual enclosed design. It gave me a sweet reminder that I was truly on vacation. The large bar extended from the entrance all the way to about 3/4 of the restaurant. I believe I also spotted a second bar, or maybe a DJ booth, in the second floor. It was obvious that this place went from a extraordinary dining experience to a nightlife hot-spot in a snap.

We were greeted right away as we entered and offered an amazing table. They were so accommodating to ZoZo, and quickly brought over a high chair for her. She was so tired from running around at the beach that she passed out shortly after we arrived. I would definitely give it 5 stars for child/family friendliness, during the day of course!

The Boulevard de Asia is known for a place to spot local celebrities, and it just happened to be my lucky day as Edison Flores, of the National Peruvian Football team, happened to be having lunch while we were there. Coincidentally, he walked by our table and my family stopped him for a quick picture. Truth be told, the pic was for my husband as he is a fan, particularly since Flores has played for FPF and Club Universitario.


Segundo Muelle Peru

My drink order was a cocktail made with Peruvian Groundcherry. It had a delicious and smooth taste. It was also sooo refreshing.

We also ordered the traditional Peruvian Pisco Sour (on the left), as well as a jar of Chicha Morada, a juice made from purple corn, and Limonada (lemonade).


Segundo Muelle Peru

For appetizer, we had Piqueo Tres Cebiches, which is a sampler dish of cebiches served with three different marinades; cebiche three ajies (hot peppers), cebiche norteño (northern) and cebiche Segundo Muelle.

I wish I could have a full size of these three cebiches. It was so hard to pick my favourite. They all had the perfect amount of spice… and my mouth is watering as I type this. No joke!

Of course, the cebiches were served with Peruvian corn and sugared sweet potato – this sweet potato is to die for!


Segundo Muelle Peru

One of the entrees we ordered was a traditional Peruvian Cebiche, Cebiche De Pescado. In case you’re not familiar with cebiche, it is usually a type of seafood marinated in lemon juice, among other ingredients and spices. The traditional cebiche is with fish, served with corn, sweet potato, and topped with a slice of rocoto (a Peruvian hot pepper). You can also add canchita, which can be found at the tables of Peruvian restaurants upon being seated. In cebiche, the seafood is cooked by the acidity of the lemon juice. Science!

The fish of the cebiche was so soft, silky and tender. There is nothing like having cebiche with fish that you know was caught that morning. It doesn’t get any more fresh than that!

Segundo Muelle Peru

This was my entree above; Arroz Con Mariscos (rice with seafood). Once again, I’m drooling! This dish was divine and tasted so so good. I love drowning my arroz con mariscos with lime juice as the tangyness adds a spectacular flavour.


Segundo Muelle Peru

The dessert above is a traditional Peruvian dessert; Leche Asada. It is a milk based dessert, with eggs, best described as a baked custard. Think of it as a must-try Peruvian version of Creme Brulee.

Segundo Muelle Peru

Next up on the #EatAllTheThings menu was a Lucuma Cheesecake. How could I not have the cheesecake? And Lucuma? I’m in heaven. Lucuma is a Peruvian fruit that gives desserts like ice cream and, in this case, cheesecake a delicious taste.

You can see the full Segundo Muelle Peru Menu online.


Segundo Muelle thoroughly  impressed me. From the atmosphere of the restaurant to the food, I have put this restaurant on the must-visit list of my next trip. I do have to point out that the customer service was stellar. I worked in a very busy restaurant during my university years, and I can’t help but have high expectations of customer service at restaurants, so you can trust my word! The server and hostess were kind and very attentive.

If you find yourself in Peru, you need to visit this place. It comes highly recommended by yours truly.

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