Quick and Easy Easter Activities

When I was a kid, I loved Easter. My mom would organize an Easter Egg Hunt and provide treats for my brother and I. Of course, the delicious Easter dinners were also very appreciated, because yum! Now that I have a little one of my very own, I have way too much fun organizing some fun activities for her. In this blog posts, I’ll be sharing some fun, affordable and easy activities you can put together for your kids to create memorable Easter weekends.

Easter Activities for Kids

I’ve been planning this Easter for a few weeks now. I had colourful eggs from last year, however I wanted to get chocolates for the Easter Egg Hunt and maybe some activities that ZoZo and I could do together. Now that she’s at the toddler stage, she is able to be more involved during the various holidays we celebrate.

Easter Egg Hunt

Quick and Easy Easter Activities

Who doesn’t love an Easter Egg Hunt? I buy mini chocolate eggs, like the ones pictured above, and fill plastic Easter eggs with them. I hide them around the house for ZoZo to find on Easter Sunday. I got her an adorable woven basket and she was ready to go!

TIP: If you have lots of kids participating, and want to make the hunt less competitive and more fair, you can assign each child a different colour so that they only collect the colour assigned to them.

Easter Decor

Quick and Easy Easter Activities

Get your kids excited for Easter with a little decor. Your local dollar store should have some adorable pieces to add around the house, or in a dedicated space like I did. Since ZoZo and I share our den as an office/art space, I decided to add a few woven baskets with Easter eggs we painted and a few other small touches.

Easter Egg Painting & Dying

Getting into the #Easter spirit by dying some eggs with the mini 🐰 🐣 #PalmSunday #HappyEaster

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I found the best and super affordable Easter Egg Decorating Set by chance and I;m so glad I got it. It was fairly mess free, and didn’t need real eggs either. I had ZoZo hold the bags and I would put the dye in and let her mix it all in. She was super happy with this activity.

I saw so many other decorating kits, so no doubt you will find one to fit your style. Also, a quick search on Pinterest will always provide you with some great ideas.

Easter Gifts

Quick and Easy Easter Activities

Let’s face it, Easter is a consumer holiday. Most of us know that Easter is a significant holiday for Christians, however North American Easter has a lot more to do with bunnies and chocolate. It’s evident I embrace it. I know some people go all out with hundred dollar baskets, but I prefer to keep it not too extravagant.

I got ZoZo a stuffed TY Bunny this year from Shoppers Drug Mart, because yay for Optimum Points, a few books I know she’ll love from Costco, and a Play-Dough Set from Indigo. I will be putting them in her Easter baskets so that she can wake up and see them on Easter Sunday.

I hope that these activities make Easter a little sweeter for the kiddies in your life. Feel free to share any ideas you may have in the comments below,

Happy Easter!

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