Baby Dove Products

Recently my friends at ChickAdvisor gave me the opportunity to try the new additions to the Baby Dove family. I was super happy to received a package that included the Baby Dove Shampoo, Lotion, Tip to Toe Wash and their Moisture Bar.

Baby Dove Products

While doing a little research about the brand to write this blog post, I discovered a video by Baby Dove India that truly captured my heart. It is the message that the video sends, which is everything this blog stands for and represents.

At Baby Dove, we believe that there are no perfect moms, just real ones. And that there is no right or wrong way to be a mother, only your way! Trust your way with Baby Dove.

There are no perfect moms, so whether you use cloth diapers or disposable, or whether you opt for formula feeding instead of breastfeeding, we’re all trying to do our best for our babies. That’s what truly matters.

I am in love with the brand message from Baby Dove based on this video. When checking out the Baby Dove website, the theme continues throughout. This all made me even more excited to try these new products on my little one. Truth be told, I’ve been very loyal to a particular baby brand since her birth, so I knew it was going to take me a little bit to trust these new products. Truthfully, what made me truly look forward to testing them was how happy Z was when I told her she received a special package from Dove. We opened it together and she was so eager to see what was inside. She made me immediately open the Moisture Bar and carried it around for the rest of the evening, because #ToddlerLife *shrugs*.

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The same evening that we received the package, we gave the products a try. Z was still holding n to her bar of soap for dear life. She was so fascinated by it since she knows not to touch the bar of soap Daddy uses, so I believe she felt special that she had her very own. These were our thoughts:

Baby Dove Shampoo

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Z has wavy/curly hair, so I am very careful with what I use on her hair as I want to avoid any damage, as well as keep her curls as precious as possible. As I usually do, we started our bath with shampoo first. Right away I noticed that the scent was stellar. It was a gentle but beautiful scent, nothing too strong. The shampoo lathered so well too, from what you can see in the image above.

We rinsed and there was no residue left what so ever. The best part by far was that after her hair dried it was silky soft and so moisturized; and since she sleeps with us, I noticed  the wonderful scent lingered in her hair well into the next day. Let’s just say that we cuddled extra tight that night.

Baby Dove Tip to Toe Wash

Baby Dove Products

The Baby Dove Tip to Toe Wash smelled just as good as their shampoo. I scent was so gentle, and even more gentle on my little one. A small amount went a long way to cover her whole body.

Baby Dove Moisture Bar

She was SO excited for this! We used her moisture bar for her face and hands, as I didn’t want to use it over the areas where I had used the wash since I wanted to see true results on her skin. What I loved about this product was that no residue was left, and it rinsed out very well.

Baby Dove Lotion

Baby Dove Products

After bath time, we got her all dried up and applied the Baby Dove Lotion from head to toe. Right away I began to notice a silky difference on her skin. It wasn’t just soft, but it was sooooo smooth. Once again, I loved the scent.


Will I be using these products after sampling them? Most definitely. I was so satisfied with the results. The next day, her hair still smelled so good and her skin continued to be silky soft. I was thoroughly impressed.

You can find the Baby Dover collection at your local grocery or department store. Hope you and your baby love these Baby Dove products as much as we did!

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