National Sandwich Day

I LOVE (yes, capitals) a good sandwich! When you bite into it and the delicious sauces ooze and drip down your fingers. Yeeahhh, I know you can relate. I saw a post on Instagram of a delicious sandwich I ended up daydreaming about, so I was inspired to write a post about a few sandwich recipes that are super easy to make at home; therefore no one will judge you as you lick that delicious sauce off each and every one of your fingers.

Latin American Sandwich Recipes

Some of my favourite sandwiches are Pan Con Chicharron and Choripan, so I thought we’d take a little trip down Latin American Sandwichland for this post. Enjoy!

Ultimate Cuban Sandwich

National Sandwich Day

We’re going to start off with Cuba, where the Ultimate Cuban Sandwich is a staple to tourist and locals alike. From the pickles to the way the mustard perfectly compliments the pork, this sandwich is at the top of my list.

Torta de Carne Asada

National Sandwich Day

In Mexico, sandwiches are called “Tortas”, which is also the word for “cake” in other Spanish speaking countries. So let’s think of tortas as cakes made of meat, avocado and all the toppings you could think of in between. A simple but delicious recipe you can try at home is Torta de Carne Asada. Feel free to get creative and add in any other ingredients you’d like.

Choripan with Chimichurri Sauce

National Sandwich Day

Chorizos in Argentina are one of a kind, and so incredibly popular, so it’s no surprise that a sandwich came out of this delicious protein choice. Like with Mexican tortas, you can get super creative with choripan topping choices, from pineapples to pickles. For now, let’s start with a delicious Choripan with Chimichurri Sauce to get your first taste. I promise it won’t be your last one!

Arepas with Pulled Pork

National Sandwich Day

The “bread” part of this sandwich is called an arepa, which are very popular in Venezuela and Colombia. On its own, an arepa isn’t super exciting in tasate, but when you add delicious ingredients to it, you get some wow-worthy results like Arepas with Pulled Pork.

Pan con Chicharron

National Sandwich Day

I saved the best for last! I have to admit, I may be a bit biased as I am Peruvian. But seriously, this sandwich is something I look forward to every time I’m back home; cause it’s just not the same here. However, this Pan Con Chicharron recipe gets pretty darn close!

That’s a wrap for my of my favourite Latin American sandwiches. I hope you enjoy every single bite of these delicious recipes.

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