I'm on YouTube Now

So I’ve been MIA for a few weeks, so what have I been up to? I launched my YouTube channel! This is something I have thought about doing for years, but the perfectionist in me was holding me back. Finally, I decided to take the leap. So far, it has been a pleasure creating, editing and producing content for my channel. But it is no easy job!

I’m On YouTube Now!

So what does this mean for A Style Soiree? It just means that you will get content you can watch and content you can read. I believe that a successful online brand needs to reach their viewers effectively in more than one or two ways. I also recognize that some of my followers prefer to watch videos over reading about content. If I have the capabilities of doing both, then why the heck not?!

this has been something that I’ve thought about for a long time; however, I always thought that you needed to have a following of a million, or super fancy lights, to make it happen. But we all have to start somewhere. When I started A Style Soiree I had 0 followers, and I may still not have thousands, but the followers I do have are loyal and very engaged with my content. That means more to me than anything. It’s about quality, not quantity.

So I decided to take the leap and join YouTube. It all happened when I received the KVD Liquid Lipstick in Project Chimps. I realized that I was probably one of the first people to hold this product in my hand (since I ordered it as soon as it became available online), so at that moment I decided to use natural lighting and turn my cellphone camera on. I do prefer to use my DSLR camera now that I’ve tried both, but my cellphone worked much better than I expected. I didn’t even edit my first video. I quickly created a thumbnail for it and uploaded it. I went to bed  and woke up to 100 views. I was delighted! That may not be much to some people, but it showed me that it could be done. That KVD Project Chimps video now has almost 3,000 views and I published it a month ago.

My First Few Videos

Here are my first 5 videos:

Kat Von D Project Chimps Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Unboxing & First Impression

NARS Cosmetics Sculpting Multiple Duo | Review & How-To

Back to School | Indigo Haul

The Honest Company | Top 5 Baby Products | Review & Experience

Hispanic Heritage Month | My Immigration Story & Finding My Hispanic Identity in Canada

What’s Next?

Currently, I’m aiming to release a video a week. I know that’s ambitious for my first rodeo, but I plan to have an fair balance between my video content and written content. As I mentioned earlier, I’m all about quality. Therefore, I’d rather have a few solid posts per week than once a day with little value to the content.

So here is the exciting news….. I will be making my channel multilingual! I will be posting videos in English AND Spanish. I am SO excited for this!  The main reason I want to do this is because I know many people that may not speak English have interest in certain content that is only available in North America. For example, honest diapers or the latest KVD eyeshadow palette; so why not share that with an audience in Spanish speaking countries? I’m slowly taking over the world 😉

I hope you enjoy watching my videos and love the new content I’m sharing with you all. Feel free to subscribe to my channel to stay updated on my latest video releases at A Style Soiree YouTube. Also, do let me know if you would like me to share any content in particular in the comments below. I’m more than happy to know your suggestions or ideas.

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