Guns N Roses Concert

This mama went to see Guns N Roses live for a fabulous date night this past Saturday, July 16th at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. I am not a fan of Guns N Roses and know very little about them, so I have no idea what I was going to do at the concert. I got the tickets for my husband, who is a HUGE fan, for Father’s Day and thought it would be fun to join him. Let’s keep in mind this was a once in a lifetime opportunity as this is likely their very last tour, ever.

Guns N Roses

If you follow me on social media, particularly on Instagram or Snapchat, you KNOW I was at the concert. I snapped away every Slash solo because the man is a guitar god, as well as shook my hips to all of their songs.

Guns N Roses Concert

I was super excited for the seats I got us since I used my very best skills to grab them. When they went on sale, back in April I believe, I bought them through the Live Nation app using a pre-sale promo code. I wanted seats in the stands, preferably on the left or right side. I definitely wanted to avoid floor seats as I find it can get chaotic and crowded (to be honest, I don’t have very much patience for large crowds. Ugh…). I was lucky enough to get tickets in section 114R in the 35th row. Yaaaayyyy!

Bae and I at the Guns N Roses show in #Toronto ?? #DateNight #NotInThisLifetime #GunsNRoses

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When we arrived to the Rogers Centre we quickly grabbed our drinks (duh!), grabbed my hubby his Guns N Roses Not In This Lifetime tour t-shirt, and headed to our seats. This part seems easy but it was a mission as the crowds were INSANE between the gate entrance and the section entrance. We were packed in there like sardines and had to squeeze through the massive crowds; therefore I was VERY GLAD to be in our seats and in peace.

Not In This Lifetime

The opening act was Billy Talent, who I was very excited to see live. I remember when they were just coming out in the music scene in high school, and because they were a local band you heard so much about them. Unfortunately, because of the large crowds we missed their performance. I now know they went on stage even before we made into the Rogers Centre. I was surprised because we got there early too but we had to wait in these super long lines to get into the gates; security was pretty tight at the entrance so it was reasonable.

Guns N Roses hit the stage at 10:00pm. The energy was unbelievable! It was amazing to see the audience who were of all ages, from young kids to people about my parent’s age. That’s the beautiful thing about a band like Guns N Roses, their music is timeless and is so to the core of rock that it can be enjoyed by anyone. It is real and raw.

Guns N Roses Concert

I was looking forward to my two favourite songs by them, Sweet Child O’ Mine and Paradise City, and they played both of them! the best part was seeing Slash make love to the guitar. That man does not play the guitar, he romances it with rich truffles and a trip to Paris! I caught his solo for Sweet Child O’ Mine and shared it on Instagram:

Sweet Child Of Mine ??? #GunsNRoses #Toronto #NotInThisLifetime #Concert

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Mind Blown. It really does boggle my mind how amazing and talented, not only Slash, but everything about the show was. I told my husband half way through the show, “I never knew much about him but I always loved his style and top hat!”

Guns N Roses ConcertAxl Rose also made my jaw drop. The energy that man has is unbelievable! The show lasted 2 and a half hours and he ran across the stage non-stop from beginning to end. He changed his shirt about 10 times, because obviously! His voice, his energy, the way he had the crowd so pumped throughout the whole show was mesmerizing.

Guns N Roses Concert

If I could summarize the show in one word it would be “unforgettable” . I am SO glad I went with my husband. It will be a memory we will always keep close to our hearts; “Remember the time we went to see Guns N Roses?”. I highly recommend attending this show, whether you’re a rock fan or not; it’s music history. Not in this lifetime would I have ever though I’d attend a Guns N Roses concert, but I did and it was amazing!

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