Teething Baby

Having a teething baby is not easy. They’re uncomfortable, and a lot of the times they’re in pain, which makes your heart break for them. But what can you do? How can you help them? This experience was so new to me so I learned through the process, hopefully my experience, tips and tricks help you and your baby too.

Do I have a teething baby?

You definitely have a  baby, but how do you know if they are in fact teething? Here are a few signs that they most likely have a little chopper coming in:

  • You baby is fussy and crying out of nowhere. They have been fed, have a clean diaper, and have just had a nap, but they seem uncomfortable and bothered.
  • ALL OF THE DROOL! We had to wipe Zoey’s drool from her chin, I’m not exaggerating, every few seconds. When in the car, I had to prepare with extra bibs cause she would soak right through them with drool.
  • Sucking on their fingers or biting them. Zoey is currently teething (she has little wee fangs coming in) and she has been chewing on her fingers and hand recently.
  • Feel their gums, are they red and slightly swollen? This is how I can tell Zoey is in fact teething.
  • You can see a little tiny white thing coming in. That’s the obvious sign!

Tips & Tricks To Comfort Baby

Here are a few things I did and products I purchased to help my teething baby. She is still teething, as she had molars and her little fangs coming in, so this is the exact routine I currently use:

Sophie The Giraffe Teething Toy

Teething Baby

I’ve had so many people as me, “Why does every baby have one of these?” Because it is necessary, that’s why! This little giraffe was Zoey’s #BFF when she was at the beginning of her teething stage at 6 months. She chewed the life out of this little giraffe. It is soft and easy to hold for their little wee hands. I believe it really helped in aiding all the discomfort she was feeling in her gums.

You can purchase it at Indigo.

Baby Bibs

Teething Baby

I wasn’t exaggerating when I mentioned ALL OF THE DROOL! It was almost unbelievable the amount of drool that a little human can produce. We had to ensure we always had a bib on Zoey or else she would make a mess all over her clothes. I had to have a baby cloth in hand at all time to wipe away the water falls that were coming out of my baby.

You can get some super cute graphic ones at Carter’s.

Freezable Teething Toys

Teething BabyThese babies were a life saver; and still are as I handed Zoey one of these yesterday, straight from the freezer. These are amazing at soothing  and cooling their aching gums. Of course, the icy factor numbs their gums so the pain and discomfort subside.

Zoey has the exact ones in the image above. You can purchase them at Toys R Us.

Teething Gel

Teething BabyTeething Baby








I know a lot of people prefer not to use these gels, but in my case I felt it was necessary. On the bright side, there is a medicated and a natural/homeopathic version. I currently use the medicated instant relief version and boy does it work! When I show her I’m going to apply it she opens her mouth right up to let me put it on her gums as she knows it helps soothe her discomfort. I highly recommend trying it out if your teething baby is truly have a difficult time coping with the pain.

Note: I haven’t yet tried the Homeopathic version as I didn’t see it when I bought the Orajel on the left, but plan to try the Natural version next. That’s my personal choice, as I tend to opt for homeopathic medications when there is the option.

You can find more info on these on the Orajel website.

Infant’s Tylenol

Teething Baby

Zoey has a REALLY hard time with teething and I did my very best to help her cope with the process. Helping her included giving her a dose of Infant’s Tylenol before bedtime to help her sleep through the night on the toughest days. I do opt for the dye-free version in this case (I am a little bit of a crunchy mama), but it is up to you as to which kind you get.

You can find out more about Infant’s Tylenol on their website.

Along with these 5 tips and tricks, I also nurse my little teething baby and now toddler a whole lot! If you are still breastfeeding your baby. I highly recommend this as there have been many studies that prove breastfeeding is linked to helping with the physical pain our little ones may feel.

As always, you’re doing great mama! Having a teething baby is not easy for anyone, and can lead to many tears and sleepless nights. But it doesn’t last forever! Cuddle your baby, sing to them and love them to no end. That physical contact with their mama will also help a ton during this uncomfortable stage of their lives.

Remember, I am not a health professional and writing based on my personal experience. If you feel your baby needs to see a doctor, or you need to at the very least consult with a pharmacist based on the medication listed above, do so. They will be able to best guide you.

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