The Nail and Champagne Bar - MaskerAide Beauty

Last week, I attended a fabulous event hosted by MaskerAide Beauty at The Nail and Champagne Bar. I got my nails done, sipped on champagne and caught up with some of my favourite ladies in the city; all while learning about MaskerAide Beauty’s fabulous line of products.

Manis & Mimosas with MaskerAide

MaskerAide Beauty has been my favourite facial mask line for years, and one of my most loved beauty brands. It’s no surprise that this mommy could use all the help she can in making her skin looks refreshed and glowing; the MaskerAide masks do exactly this!

The Nail and Champagne Bar - MaskerAide Beauty

The event included delicious treats like macaroons and gold flaked sugar cookies, as well as all the champagne you could image to savour on; with a grapes and cheese platter included. They also had their own Snapchat filter which we had SO much fun with, taking snaps of just about everything and everyone. So glad that I got this wonderful picture with Karen, VP of Creative and Marketing at MaskerAide Beauty:

The Nail and Champagne Bar - MaskerAide Beauty

Can we all take a moment to appreciate Karen’s radiant and glowing skin?! I’m telling you, MaskerAide is the answer. It was so lovely to catch up with friends that I have not seen in a very long time at this event; which we even used as an occasion to celebrate my BFF’s birthday. Cheers to that!

You can find out more about MaskerAide Beauty here.

The Nail and Champagne Bar

As I mentioned, the Manis & Mimosas with MaskerAide event was held at The Nails and Champagne Bar Boutique. It was the very first pop-up that TNCB was celebrating and it was wonderful. Doesn’t the idea of getting your nails done while sipping on a glass of delicious champagne not sound magical?! Well, this is a dream that can come true!

Nars Nail Polish - MaskerAide Beauty

Our nails were beautifully decorated with gems, nail tattoos and one of the best nail polished out there by NARS Cosmetics. I sipped on a pear mimosa  while getting my nails beautifully decorated. What may seem like not a big deal to some, is pretty amazing to this mama who truly enjoyed the outing and pampering.

Pear Mimosa - MaskerAide Beauty

Visit TNCB’s website and sign up to their mailing list to be one of the first to find out when and where their next pop-up event will be held. Trust me, you don’t want to miss it!

Here are a few more photos of the event where I discovered the brand, Nina’s Paris:

Thank you to MaskerAide Beauty and The Nail and Champagne Bar for having me at the event. I went home with some fabulous treats from Nina’s Paris, which I could not resist purchasing, and a collection of masks and other goodies compliments of MaskerAide Beauty. No doubt I will be sharing more details on my experience with my gifts from MaskerAide Beauty in the near future.

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