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It’s no surprise I LOVE shopping, but most of all I love a great sale! During the week leading to Mother’s Day, Indigo has a brilliant sale for 25% off many of their items; which resulted in the great Spring 2016 Indigo Haul. It worked out perfectly as I need to get a few things for my little lady who was starting daycare the week after my online shopping trip. Of course, I got a few chic items for myself. After all, I deserved a few mother’s day gifts for myself.

Spring 2016 Indigo Haul

It is really hard for me to not BUY ALL THE THINGS when I’m online shopping. With a fabulous service like Ebates, I am more than glad to buy an extra item or two knowing I will get a few of those dollars back in my Paypal account.

Let’s get to the fun part. Here is what I included in my Spring 2016 Indigo Haul:

Skip Hop Zoo Backpack – Unicorn

Toddler Backpack
Zoey and I have an obsession with unicorns. It all started when I got the crazy idea to have a unicorn piñata for her 1st birthday, which later became a DIY project (I’ll share it on the blog soon, I promise!). I tell her every night to dream about “unicorn, glitter and sparkles”.
When I saw this backpack, it was perfect and so meant to be! It is also the perfect size for her change of clothes, snacks, extra diapers and drink that she will bring with her daily to daycare.

Price: $29.95

Skip Hop Zoo Straw Bottle – Unicorn

Toddler Straw Bottle
I was looking for a backpack for Zoey, that was all! But then I saw this straw bottle and it matched, it fit perfectly in the side pocket of the backpack, and unicorn; therefore it was added to the cart. No regrets! She loved it right away when she saw it and immediately was able to flip the lid cover back and forth with ease.
The best part? It is SUPER easy to clean! The lid cover comes right off and the straw slides right out. With certain news articles on how tricky it can be to properly clean and get into the deepest parts of a baby’s bottle or sippy cup, this is a huge win for me and something I particularly look for when purchasing her cups and straw bottles.

Price: $9.95

Skip Hop Zoo Safety Harness – Ladybug

Toddler Backpack Harness

I have been looking for one of these for quite some time. I always knew I would make use of a safety harness for Zoey. She is not one to sit in a stroller and cruise around happily with us. She wants to walk alongside mommy and daddy exploring all of the things. Even when she was little, she was always happier in her Moby Wrap hanging tightly off mama like a little koala bear.

I saw the monkey style of these backpacks on an episode of Modern Family; the one where they go to Disneyland with Lilly. I knew I needed this! I call it a need, a safety harness, or Zoey’s Ladybug backpack; my husband calls it a leash. Whatever you call it, my baby’s happy and that’s all that matters!

Price: $24.95

Make My Day Baby Bib – Owl

Silicone Bib

During on of our daycare visits I realized the LOs all wore bibs during snack and lunch time. Zoey doesn’t do bibs. Since she was 6 months, she would rip them right off the second I put them on. Either way, I would give it another attempt at her wearing a bib at home. I felt that following a similar routine at daycare and at home would help her transition.

I wanted a bucket bib since she has a habit of spitting food she doesn’t like right out with no regrets, or she tends to miss her mouth with her spoon and it all ends up on her shirt or lap. This bib was the perfect match for my needs! The silicone would make it super easy to clean too. Of course, it is also too cute! It was hard picking between this design and the pearl necklace one.

Price: $24.95

Indigo Best Mom Ever Cold Cup

Cold Drink Cup Tumblr

Yes, I got this for myself. No shame in the game! Why? Because sometimes we all need a reminder. This is a delightful reminder especially when I knew the first few weeks of daycare were going to be super difficult for me, and were even going to come with a side of guilt.

I bring fruit smoothies to work for breakfast every morning, so this was the perfect cup for that. Also, they have peonies on them! This cold drink cup was just perfect, so in my digital shopping cart it went!

Price: $10.00

Indigo Canvas Stripe Tote

Spring Tote

I had no intentions of getting this, but I happened to really like it, and it was a great price! My everyday handbag needed a break too, so this is going to be my go-to spring bag.

I love the size, colour and style. I do wish it had a top bottom to keep the bag kind of closed, but no big deal or loss. So far it has been great at fitting everything I need for my outings.

Price: $16.00

Indigo is one of my favourite stores in the world. It has become a retailer that is much more than just books, and currently carries some of the best brands. If you’re looking for a gift for someone, or a little something special for ypuraelf, Indigo is the place to find it. They have something for everyone!

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