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About two months ago, I noticed a post on Chatelaine Magazine’s Facebook page about a casting call for mothers and daughters as they were looking to examine the unique relationship for a special in their May issue. Little did I know that my email would catch the attention of the team at Chatelaine Magazine and that I would receive a response with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The results? My mom and I are featured and sharing intimate details about our relationship in the May 2016 issue of Chatelaine Magazine!

My Submission

What did I write to get their attention? Not even my mother knows. I wrote a brief but very loaded paragraph in my attempt to capture as much as I could about what made our relationship unique and worth sharing with the audiences of Chatelaine.

Our story has many high and many lows; but as a result of my mom’s attitude towards life, even the lows were turned into highs. My mom lives with metastatic breast cancer, she does not suffer from cancer, she does not struggle with the disease, she lives. This has brought us closer than I ever imagined, even when we were at our worst with our mother/daughter relationship in my teens, as we butted heads A LOT. I am a mother now, and our relationship has blossomed in a very special way, particularly because she is one of the main reasons I decided to get pregnant. I want my mom to make memories with my daughter, but most of all teach her about strength, positivity, kindness and celebrating life to the fullest regardless of what life throws her way.

I wanted to share my relationship with my mom on the magazine to create a beautiful memory from it; and at the same time share our life experiences with the readers of Chatelaine. I wrote to them and I didn’t mention anything to my mom as I didn’t want to get her hopes up in case we weren’t chosen. But in this case, I think it was meant to be!

The Experience

I had to wait FOREVER to post this:

When we went to the shoot, one of the first questions I asked was WHEN I could share the news and was told I had to wait until the issue was released. Finally, after receiving an email from one of the wonderful ladies from Chatelaine, I was able to post about my big debut on their magazine.

The team at Chatelaine was AMAZING! I was so incredibly impressed by how sweet, caring and professional everyone was. My mom and I were the last appointment on the day of the shoot and it was obvious that the day had been one filled with so many emotions. When we arrived, we met the team and got our makeup touched up, which is what inspired this tweet:

To say the least, I was #Flattered. She also touched up our hair and we were ready to go! We got our pictures taken first. The look was meant to be natural, as if we were telling our story through the photo itself. We held hands, we laughed, we jumped and hugged. I LOVE the picture Chatelaine picked from the bunch. It captures us perfectly; living through laughter.

The photoshoot was the easy part. After that, we got comfy on the couch and prepared to shoot our interview. I tried to prepare myself for the kinds of questions we would be asked, or how I should or could react to them. In the end, I decided to be as raw as I could be. If the tears started flowing, I would let it be. Truth be told, I wanted to share my story so maybe someone else going through something similar with their mom could relate. I want them to know that it’s okay, or that it will be okay. Better than okay, actually! 

We asked each other 6 different questions and they were all different. From when she thought she failed me as a mom, to telling her something I have not yet told her. I was very intimate and so real. The questions dug deep into our relationship, and it was obvious they were very well thought out. Tears were flowing right away! But they were happy tears, tears that came from reminiscing about the good, the bad and the wonderful about our relationship as mom and daughter.

Chatelaine Magazine

I was mentioned in a tweet by a friend with an image attached of my mom and myself in the magazine; that’s how I found out the latest issue was on the shelves. I was VERY excited about this and could not wait to see it for myself. I could not have picked a better picture myself to capture the essence of my relationship with my mom. Through all of the obstacles we have faced in life, this is how we have always ended up; looking back and laughing.

May 2016 Issue - Chatelaine Magazine

Yesterday, Chatelaine posted a compilation video on their Facebook page featuring small clips from each of the interviews:

Each mother-daughter duo had something so special to bring to the May issue of Chatelaine Magazine. This is definitely a one-of-a-kind project bringing women together from all walks of life; each with their own story to tell. I am also so happy to see the diversity in their Mother’s Day feature. These kinds of things make me happy!

Oh ,you’re wondering about my interview with my mom? Okay then…here it is:

Excuse me, there is something in your eye….

I cannot say enough about how brilliant the team at Chatelaine was throughout this whole process. I am so incredibly grateful for this experience that, without a single doubt, I know I will cherish this forever. Thank you Chatelaine Magazine!

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