Beyonce Activewear Collection

I am VERY excited about this new activewear line. No, it has nothing to do with the fact that it’s co-founded by Beyonce — okay, maybe a little. I can’t put my finger on the exact factor, but it has really caught my attention. Could it be all the black? (My staple colour) Could it be what the brand represents? Or because I simply want to support a fellow bootylicious girl that I trust will make clothing that will actually flatter my shape? Whatever it may be, I have all the details of where to shop the collection – Ivy Park has arrived.


Where is your park? This question really got me thinking….It brought me back to stepping in the ring all those times and getting ready for a fight. The adrenaline that rushed through me as I prepped for the sound of the Korean term, “Sijak”, which means to begin or start, is something that I hold dear to my heart and will never forget. I wish I could live that adrenaline a million more times. Soon.

Truth be told, I’m no runner (but I do try!), or religious gym-goer, and have been slacking on a steady workout regimen for quite some time. However, I come from a background of hardcore and intense training as a result of 10 years practicing Taekwondo; which explains the Korean terminology. More recently, up until I was 8 months pregnant, I practiced yoga and am completely in love with it, both the health and spiritual aspects of the practice. I don’t know a life where I am not active. Currently, we try to go on walks as a family and try our best to instill the importance of activity and recreation to our little lady, who has been in swimming classes since she was 6 months old. We’re leading by example.

I practiced TKD and wore a black sports bra underneath my dobok (uniform), but sometimes I would sneak in a coloured sports bra for a “touch of style”. I was THAT girl. The one that would walk into a tournament wearing, at the time, low-rise jeans with heels and larger than life hoop earrings, but as soon as I put my dobok on, my game face automatically switched on too. I conquered the ring. It was so beautiful and so empowering. I love that we have recently gotten more in touch with the fashionable side of fitness. It is not just about the grey or black, it is about the leggings in wild prints or neon sport bras to display your identity through and feel good about. Maybe THIS is the factor I love about Ivy Park; I recognize that it blends the stylish side of activewear with the necessary features for working out. God knows I’ve tried on sports bras in the past that were not going to keep ANYTHING in place!

Alright, enough about me…Apparently this post has me TOO inspired!

The Ivy Park Collection

The Ivy Park collection has arrived at Hudson’s Bay (Canada) which is a fairly big deal as we don’t always get collections right away that are launching in the US. Of course, south of the border you can shop all the Ivy Park you want at Topshop, Nordstrom and Net-A-Porter.

Here are 5 of my favourite pieces currently available at Hudson’s Bay:

IVY PARK Solid V-Back Mesh Tank Top – $55.00

Beyonce Activewear Collection

IVY PARK Logo Crew Neck Sweatshirt – $65.00

Beyonce Activewear Collection

IVY PARK Jersey Zip-Up Hoodie – $70.00

Beyonce Activewear Collection

IVY PARK Mesh Three-Quarter Leggings – $98.00

Beyonce Activewear Collection

IVY PARK Logo Mid-Impact Sports Bra – $45.00

Beyonce Activewear Collection

One of the factors that I also appreciate about this collection is that it is affordable. I have yet to see and feel the collection for myself, but from the images the quality seems pretty on point as well. I plan to get a few of these pieces for myself, so I’ll definitely update with my feedback.

Until then, happy shopping!

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Beyonce Activewear Collection