Ariel India Ad - #ShareTheLoad

BBDO India has won a Glass Lion for the ad I’m about to show you at the 2015’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. If you ask me, the award was more than well deserved. The message of this ad, for the Ariel brand (P&G India), is one that I think about all the time. The situation behind the powerful ad is not one that may be common in Indian culture, but in Latin American culture as well.

The apology letter form the father becomes an ode to his wife and daughter. He finally realizes through his daughter all of the effort that his wife puts into their home. It is time for him to step up. It’s a simple but strong message that the ad features.


What does that mean? It means that partners should step up and help out their spouses. It is not about the “traditional” roles where men come home from work, sit and watch TV as they wait for their wife to put dinner on the table, raise their children, clean the house and more. We are in a time where that is no longer possible, mostly due to socioeconomic reasons. Lucky are the women that can stay home to raise their babies and children, but even that is more than a full-time job!  But the reality of the time we live in is that women go after their dream careers equally as men always have, and this is why it is essential for men to pull their weight in their households too.

This ad targets Indian audiences in particular, but I completely resonate with it because of what I have witnesses as a Latin American individual. There are MANY households in our culture where families still keep with the “traditional” roles that I mentioned above. I say, “To hell with it!” Men should pull their weight too; and the “I don’t know how to” excuse is just that, an excuse.

Latinxs Should #ShareTheLoad Too

I am lucky. I am lucky because growing up both of my parents worked, so my dad cooked and cleaned just as much as my mom did. I am also lucky because  my husband and I keep up our household equally. I mainly cater to all of Zoey’s needs and wants while he takes care of the other responsibilities in our home. It’s amazing!

I remember having Latina friends who weren’t allowed to go out until they cooked or cleaned. There’s this ridiculous idea that they needed to learn so they could be a good wife one day; or that it was how you “kept a man”. WHAT?!? HOW?!? WTF?!? I’m not making this up! Growing up the way I did, this was so incredibly taboo to me. I was brought up with the notions of equality and ones of being a career driven women. It was the complete opposite of what I was taught.

My husband and I moved in together a little before we got married, days before, and he knew I wasn’t a Masterchef or a stepford wife, and that was okay. Remember, he is Latin American too; and many Latinos still have those “traditional” ideas taught to them, even in 2016! My husband and I took it on as a challenge, we were going to learn together and figure it out together. We even joke, “We haven’t starved to death yet!”.

Now, as a mom, it’s brilliant that my daughter has my husband as her prime example of #ShareTheLoad. I hope that through this ad more little girls can have their dads be prime example of the message behind this campaign too!

This ad may not touch the heart of all men who watch it and practice those “traditional” roles, but if it causes a change in a few, I’m very happy with that! You have to do it for your daughters, your sons, your grandchildren and so on. We need to reach a level of equality, not only in the workplace, but in the household too.

You can find out more about the ad on Adweek.

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