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Having a sick baby is really tough! The hardest part has to be that they cannot communicate what they’re feeling; making it hard for mama and the baby. Do they have a headache? Are they having a hard time breathing? What are they truly feeling? I try my best to communicate with Zoey and help her feel better any way I can. I did have to find out the hard way as to how to deal with a sick baby. As she is my first, this is all new to me. I’m sure there are many more mamas out there wondering what to do to help their babies too.

This morning, I took the picture of Zoey above. It hurts my heart to see her not feeling well. As adults, we reckon when we’re sick and we hate it. Imagine how she feels? She’s probably not sure what’s going on and can’t clearly communicate her needs. That must suck! Through research, and doctor appointments, I’ve figured out ways to help her feels the best that she can. I try my very best!

Tips To Cure Your Baby’s Cold

Cool Mist Humidifier

how to cure baby's coldI recommend getting one of these for your baby, whether they have a cold or not. My husband and I purchased one of these for Zoey in her first couple of weeks; we got the Crane Cool Mist Humidifier to be exact. It was recommended we get one for nightly use as the heat in the winter can be really dry to little ones; therefore the cool mist helps them breathe better at night. When your wee one does have a cold, try to have it on at all times.

Tip: Purchase demineralized water for the humidifier. It is fairly inexpensive and works wonders! You see, we live in Toronto where the water is not the very best so the use of demineralized water makes all the difference. It keeps the humidifier in top shape!

Steam Bath

Run a super hot bath, close your bathroom door, put towels in the floor cracks of the door to not let the steam scape, and hang out with your baby in the bathroom for about 15 minutes. The warm steam will help your baby as it will loosen any mucus buildup that may be making them feel uncomfortable. Helping them breathe easier will really help their comfort levels.

Breath Easy Rub

how to cure baby's cold

This stuff is a life saver! I try to go organic ever chance I get with Zoey, and this was the best choice. You can smell the eucalyptus so clearly, and it just smells so natural. This particular product is from The Honest Company. I rub this on Zoey’s feet, at the first sings of a cold, and  put her socks on. I particularly do this before bed so that her feet can be cozy as they soak in the rub. Recently, as she is a little bigger, I’ve been rubbing it on her chest and back.

Saline Drops

I’ve gotten many recommendations about saline drops for my little one when she is stuffed up. My mother taught me to make my very own. I boil water and let it cool off a little. Once it is a comfortable and safe temperature, but still a little warm, I mix in a little salt. I then take a q-tip and dip it in the water and let it drip a little into Zoey’s nose. I manage her nose right at the bridge to let it stimulate and loosen the mucus. She hates it, but it helps!

Boogie Wipes

how to cure baby's coldDo you ever use tissues so often during a cold that your nose dries up and it gets so sensitive? It sucks, right? Boogie Wipes are a life saver for your little ones to avoid this situation. The best part is that they have a saline solution to help loosen mucus too. I skip the tissues when Baby gets a cold and go straight to these. No dry, red or chapped nose tips here!

Tip: These are amazing for allergy season too!


This one is obviously for all my fellow breastfeeding mamas! Zoey is pretty much an extension of my breast when she is sick, and I encourage it. Breastmilk has a bujillion antibodies that can help fight your baby’s illness. Put in the simplest form, your milk and your baby’s saliva communicate to cater to your baby’s needs. So if they need to fight that cold, your milk will help them do so. Therefore, breastfeed away!

Nose Frida

how to cure baby's coldI tried this product feeling kind of skeptical, and it worked like magic! During my baby’s first cold, I was looking for ways to help clear out her nose and I kept running into mamas online preaching about the Nose Frida; therefore I sent my husband rushing out to get it. I felt so bad using those nose suckers on Zoey as I remember HATING them as a child, so I wanted to find something else that would work. After one try, I was convinced this is a must-have product for all families!

Cuddles, cuddles and more cuddles!

If it’s not obvious, I’m an advocate for cuddling our babies for the sake of their happiness and comfort. Especially when they’re not feeling their best, they need it. I remember living away in college at 17 years old and getting a really bad cold, all I wanted was my mom! It makes a huge difference to them to have you close, so I definitely recommend plenty of hugs and cuddles.

Do you have any other tips or tricks to kicking our babies’s colds in the butt? Share them in the comments below!

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Please Note:

I am sharing these tips based on what works and has worked in the past for my family and my baby. I am not a doctor or medical professional, so please check with one if you feel or think your baby has more than a common cold.