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Yes, I said it. The Elle Canada March 2016 cover is truly Canadian; and I am loving every bit of it! The March 2016 special issue, titled “Meet The New Wave”, blew up on my social media feeds this morning; and as I was about to post it on Instagram, I realized that it deserved its very own post. The upcoming issue includes exclusive interviews with three young, and very well known, Canadian women who are not only stunning but so incredibly talented!

Elle Canada March 2016 Cover

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Truly Canadian

Diversity. Diversity. Diversity. This is why I love this cover so incredibly much. This is what my Canada is about. All of the cultures that make up Canada’s multicultural mural may not be represented in this cover, but I feel that we are a step closer. Lilly, Maria and Ebony are women that beautifully celebrate and empower each other and their audiences. They are women that had a dream and have worked, and are working, so incredibly hard to make it all come true. It makes me extremely happy that Elle Canada is recognizing this and showcasing it with a special issue.

The Cover Stars


Lilly Singh (known as Superwoman) is a YouTube sensation loved by sssoooo many; almost 8 million people to be exact, and that’s just on her YouTube channel. I can watch her videos over and over. She initially caught my attention with her music video, released in 2014 with Humble The Poet, “#LEH” (It’s a must watch!). Also, follow her YouTube channel cause it will make you happy!

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Maria Qamar is an artist. A brilliant one! Lime Lilly Singh, she takes on notions of her South Asian culture as perceived in North America and creates art with them. You can purchase her art on her website. My faves are “Trust no aunty” and “I put salt in her chai…”. Follow her on Instagram for doses of her creativity.

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If you’re a hiphop or Drake fan, you have DEFINITELY heard of Ebony Oshunrinde. As the Elle Canada Interview mentions, Ebony is known as “the 16-year-old girl who produced for Jay Z”, and who is also from Toronto. I learned from this article that she taught herself the art of producing music, which makes her that much more fierce in my eyes!

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You can read the full exclusive interviews on the Elle Canada website.

I can’t read enough, or learn enough, about women that lead themselves to their dreams while paving the way for others. It’s so empowering and refreshing. Elle Canada has done a grand job by choosing to feature Lilly, Maria and Ebony. I hope there is many more special issues like this one in the future!

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