Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Cover

For the very first time, there are 3 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016 covers. Normally, I wouldn’t bat an eye at this, but this year is particularly special as the covers are a showcase of the diversity in women’s bodies. This is a big step forward as most covers we see in newsstands, particularly when they feature models in bathing suits, only highlight a very particular body type. The celebration of various body shapes that the SI Swimsuits 2016 covers have featured is something I would love to see more of in the future. It’s empowering!

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016 Cover Models

All three women are beautiful, sexy and strong. Beauty is not a cookie cutter. Beauty is not “one size fits all’.

Those were the words of MK Day, Assistant Managing Editor of Sports Illustrated. I totally agree and that is why I am celebrating these three covers. All three women are stunning. The blonde bombshell, the curvy brunette and athletic all-American girl are women we all know, pass by on the street or refer to as family.

Watch the video below to see how surprised and excited Ronda, Hailey and Ashley were to be featured on the cover:

You can read more about what MK Day has to say about each cover model here.

What This Means For Women

Seeing them stand side-by-side in the video above, I could not help but think of the new 2016 Barbie line; the tall, curvy and petite Barbie. They are all beautiful, smart, strong, fierce, talented and sexy. I love that this year has started off with the celebration of body type diversity and wish that this movement continues. I think of our future generations, I think of my little girl, and wish that we do not lean to one or the other, but rather celebrate the unity in diversity.

Ronda, Ashley and Hailey are all stunning in their own way. Ronda is the epitome of strong and fierce (have you seen one of her UFC fights?! Yeah…). Ashley is sexy and sultry, but most of all has been a voice for body type diversity. Hailey is a lot like the typical model you would see on a bikini cover of the yearly Sport Illustrated Swimsuit edition, but I love that she recognizes this new diversity and the need for it on more publications. She celebrates along with the other women, which is what’s most important. Women should celebrate each other and celebrate together.

Loving Our Bodies & Gaining Body Confidence

I LOVED the videos I’m sharing with you below. Far beyond the Ashley and Ronda speaking about their shoots, is the confidence that they portray about their bodies.

Bathing suits and bikinis do not have to be scary. They do not have to be avoided. Put it on and flaunt it! See how Ashley works her curves and her shape to bring out the best. Confidence beams off her. I challenge you to try that next time you put on a bathing suit or bikini, even if it’s all alone in your room in front of the mirror. Hold your head up and remind yourself that you’re worthy of being on that cover too!

There is no question that Ronda is not the girly girl type, but she is so incredibly feminine in this shoot! I’m used to seeing her in the ring, or in that bad ass fight scene in the 7th Fast & Furious movie, but does she ever know how to work the camera! Also, having a bathing suit painted on takes balls. Unlike contrary beliefs, Ronda proves that athletic women can be feminine and sexy too!

Virtual Reality Photo Shoot

Did you know this issue will also have a virtual reality aspect to it? That is cool! How it works is that you attach an optical device to your smart phone, or tablet (depending on what the optical device allows for), and it allows you to see the virtual reality view. I’ve tried it before with Google Cardboard and it was a super cool experience. In the case of the IS Swimsuit 2016 issue, we get to travel to Dominican Republic via Virtual Reality. Yes, please!

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