Changes to hair during pregnancy

Your hair changes MAJORLY during and after your pregnancy. Even a year after my pregnancy, my hair is quite different than what it was prior to having a little bun in the oven. My biggest change came a few months after giving birth to my baby, thanks to my dear friends, hormones.

Pregnancy Hair Changes


I’ve always had a full head of hair and, before my pregnancy, had the cliche Latina long locks, down to my waist! I did always struggle with shedding, my hair would fall and fall. My mother always wondered how I had not yet gone bald; but this is normal apparently for many women.

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The image above was taken a little over a month before I got pregnant. Chilling out with my hair up on a Saturday morning, during a solo Gossip Girl binge watching marathon (Yes, this detail is important!).


While I was pregnant, I had a FULL head of hair. When I got closer to the second trimester it got more volume and a little texture too. Texture is a huge deal for someone who has pin straight hair! 

The selfie above was taken right after my pregnancy photoshoot which was done at 35 weeks. You can definitely see that a few more layers had been added to my mane. Little did I know, the biggest changes would come AFTER having my baby.


When Zoey was born, I quickly discovered that my long hair was just NOT working for me. I was finally relating to the idea of the “mommy haircut”; a concept I thought I’d never understand! However, my religious wedding date was coming up in a few months and I wanted to keep the length of my hair for the sake of my hairstyle that day. I had no idea what a struggle this would become….

Changes to hair after pregnancy

Above is one of my favourite photographs of my wedding day. Mainly because I embrace the changes that came with my pregnancy and the birth of my baby. Do you notice my receding hairline?!? I KNOW, RIGHT?! Well, that’s what happened a few months after Zoey was born and my hormones began to change and affect my hair. My hair shed like never before. I would actually pull out balls and clumps of hair from my head when I showered. I actually thought I was going bald!

After doing a bit of research, and crossing my fingers that this was normal, I found that I was not the only one suffering from this and it happens to plenty of women. These changes were completely normal and natural. I can;t say it doesn’t suck, cause it did! Here are 3 things you can do that help:

  • Brush your hair before going to bed and before showering. This will keep your pillow hair-free and the walls of your shower from looking like Chewbacca exploded.
  • You can take Vitamin E capsules, or consume Vitamin E in avocados, spinach, almonds and salmon.
  • Mix coconut oil and the contents of a vitamin E capsule for a quick DIY hair mask.

There is light at the end of the tunnel! My hair grew back after a few months of major shedding. Above is what my hair looks like now. Not only did I cut my hair shoulder length and LOVED IT, but my receding hairline is no more!

The texture of my hair is also different following pregnancy. It is not as pin straight as it used to be, which is a blessing as it makes it much easier to style. I am still finding it an adjustment to the lack of volume, which left me with the shedding of the hair that grew during my pregnancy.  I do find light teasing at the roots helps though!

How has your hair changed sing you got pregnant? Let me know in the comments below!

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