Superbowl Ads 2016 - #DadDo

Pantene launched one of the cutest daddy/daughter advertisements I’ve ever seen days before the Superbowl; and I can’t get enough!  This is obviously very close to my heart as I have a very beloved daddy/daughter duo of my own at home. These videos are sure to make you smile!

#DadDo by Pantene

The videos feature three football players and their little girls; Pittsburgh Steelers’ DeAngelo Williams, New Orleans Saints’ Benjamin Watson and the Dallas Cowboys’ Jason Witten.

My favourite part of the videos is the message:

Girls who spend quality time with their dads grow up to be stronger women.

I have so many fond memories with my dad, especially of our trips to the zoo, “El Parque De La Leyendas”, in Lima, Peru when I was a little girl. Presently, it’s so special to see Zoey and my husband create beautiful memories together too! She just started walking and is already a brilliant little soccer player.

These little girls are the cutest! You can see that they truly bring out the best in their dads. It’s beautiful to witness that daddy/daughter bond.

My #DadDo Story

I have to share that my husband has been known to kick me out a few times to do Zoey’s hair himself. You see, I have pin straight hair and Zoey has wavy, almost curly, hair like her dad. I have NO IDEA how to care for curly hair and I’m learning as I go along; however, at first, I would brush her hair down like I do with mine but my husband quickly taught me that that’s just not the way with Zoey’s hair. He knows just how to bring out the best in her little flips, curls and waves! After all, my husband is lucky to have his hair be the epitome of McDreamy hair. Who knew my husband would one day be teaching ME about doing my daughter’s hair….it is a pleasure though!

Do you have any daddy/daughter hair stories or pictures to share? Make sure to use #DadDo!

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