La Poutine Week - Toronto, Montreal, Quebec

What’s my favourite thing about Canada?…..Poutine!
It is currently La Poutine Week, which is being celebrate in Toronto, Quebec, Montreal and other international cities, from February 1-7, 2016. I have all the details on how you can participate by eating all the poutine!

This is exactly how I felt when I heard about La Poutine Week…..

La Poutine Week

Then I suddenly though….

Poutine Meme

How could I not?! I can’t possibly turn down to celebrate crisp fries covered in oozing melted cheese curds with warm gravy and other delicious toppings. One of the reason I visit Montreal is for the poutine; particularly because they  don’t mess around with their servings! However, the best poutine I’ve had was at Poutineville in Toronto; I had the Filet Mignon with sauteed mushrooms and onions, hints of blue cheese and pepper gravy.

La Poutine Week

For the sake of this post I’ll be focusing on Toronto; however, I recommend to check out the website as they have all of the details for all the cities participating with maps and all. I love seeing that international cities are participating too!

Here are the top three poutines that I want to try in Toronto:

&Company Resto Bar – Poutine A La Gnocchi

La Poutine Week

&Co Resto Bar is located in Mississauga, but so worth the drive! If you don’t drive, you can take the GO to Square One and it’s right down the street. This poutine contains:

Crisp Yukon gold and reggiano gnocchi, red wine braised beef cheeks, rosemary curds, pan jus and garlic chips

Baton Rouge Eaton Centre – Lobster Poutine

La Poutine Week

Thou shall now deny Lobster. Never. I would have never thought of this combination myself, but it sounds brilliant! The Baton Rouge at Eaton Centre has a special dish that includes:

Signature fries, lobster chunks, cheese curds, lobster bisque

Poutineville Toronto – Korean BBQ Poutine

La Poutine Week

Korean BBQ anything and I’m there! Poutineville is my favourite poutinerie in Toronto and I am counting down until I try this dish. This delicious poutine includes:

Home cut fries, fresh cheese curds, sautéed onions, home-made vegetarian poutine gravy, topped with strips of marinated Angus steak, garnished with our signature Korean BBQ sauce and chopped green onions.

You can get a full list of all of the participating locations in Toronto here.

The App

I really like this app because it is fairly straight forward; no fluff! The app mainly gives you information about the various cities that you can head to for poutine, and all the restaurant offering special dishes for the week. If you’d like, you can register to vote for your favourite poutine of the week and be placed in a participation leaderboard. Of course, it also includes links to their social media channels.

The app is available for Android and Apple devices. Download the app to participate in all the festivities this week!

Poutine Meme

I definitely plan on taking part in the cheese curd filled celebrations this week; particularly with family dinner this weekend. My husband and I share a mutual love for poutine so we’re both very excited. I can’t wait!

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