Remember when I shared the Fuller House Teaser in December? Well, here’s the Fuller House Trailer! There is no doubt that on February 26th I will be completely unavailable as I will be binge watching Fuller House along with my hubby and Zoey.

I absolutely LOVE that we are getting the same cheesy, quirky and corny jokes that made us all LOL 20+ years ago, and continue to make us laugh today. I grew up with Full House, I used to watch it in Spanish in Peru and it helped me learn English when I moved to Canada. I am particularly excited as I get to share this new generation of Fuller House from a mama’s perspective with Zoey. Hopefully there are many more seasons to come of this show so that Zoey can too grow up with it like I did.

Fuller House Featurette

Do you need a kleenex too? I get that tickle in my nose every time I watch this and think about how amazing it would be to be sitting in that audience. I shared this video on FB when it was released proposing a family road trip to Cali so that I could be in that crowd. A girl can dream!

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