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As I planned for my baby’s birth, I wanted the very best of everything and I wanted it all! I, from the bottom of my heart, felt like I needed it all. I was all about the baby splurges! As her birth approached, I felt pressure to get everything I thought I needed to be prepared, but quickly realized how expensive having a baby can really be. So what do you need? What do you not actually purchase? What do you splurge on?

I had plenty of advice, from family, friends, coworkers and even strangers during my shopping trips; I was the only one recommending to “BUY ALL THE THINGS!”. For mamas like me, here are a few things I purchased that were definitely worth the splurge:

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5 Baby Splurges Worth Every Penny by A Style Soiree

Prince Lionheart WipesWarmer Premium

I was recommended to purchase this by a coworker with twin girls. He told me about the struggle of changing their diapers, especially at night, with the chilly wipes. I knew from that moment that I had to get this product; I added it to my Baby Registry and received it as a gift at my Baby Shower. It has been a true pleasure since! My LO is 13 months and we’re still using it for everything from diaper changes to wiping her face after meal time.

5 Baby Splurges Worth Every Penny by A Style Soiree

Moby Wrap Classic

My oh-so-loved Moby Wrap! As I mentioned in a previous blog post about this baby wrap, it took some time to get my baby used to hanging out in it; but after a little patience and persistence, she loves it! She can take a nap while I go grocery shopping, she can hang out while mommy get some house chores done, or can stay extra close to mommy when she’s feeling extra cuddly or attached that day.

5 Baby Splurges Worth Every Penny by A Style Soiree

Lennox Glider Recliner

This chair is THE BEST and so chic! I bought it in grey to match the colour palette of my baby’s room; pink and white with hints of greys (which then turned to touches of gold, because obviously!). I rock and cuddle my baby in this glider while singing to her before bedtime, or have even slept with her in it super comfortably when she was super sore after her first set of shots.

5 Baby Splurges Worth Every Penny by A Style Soiree

The Honest Company Diaper Bundle

Like me, my baby has SUPER sensitive skin. When she was in the hospital she broke out in the rash almost immediately with another diaper brand and wipes. Luckily, I went to the hospital prepared with a free trial of their diaper and wipe bundle I ordered from The Honest Company. We’ve been VERY loyal to the brand ever since! Especially in Canada, this product can be more expensive than other diaper brands but the benefits definitely outweigh the price in my baby splurges book.

5 Baby Splurges Worth Every Penny by A Style Soiree

Boon Whale Pod

I LOVE this product! You will too, especially if you’re an extra “Organized Olga” like my hubby and I are. As our little princess grew, we found ourselves adding fun bath toys to the collection that were not drying properly and being lined up along the edge of our tub; not the best layout. SO, I decided to splurge on this baby! My husband installed it into the wall and has since kept our toys and baby’s toiletries very organized.

5 Baby Splurges Worth Every Penny by A Style Soiree

Diono Radian RXT

I wish I would have bought this convertible seat since my baby’s birth! The one we picked out was great, but she HATED the bucket style of her first baby seat. She has been much happier during car rides since we made this purchase. Of course, we got it in plumb! We also got the Angle Adjuster which has helped a ton to give the front row seats more room. I would say this is one of the splurges that I definitely recommend for parents and their babies. As they say, “safety first!”

5 Baby Splurges Worth Every Penny by A Style Soiree

Insception Lifebank

Speaking of safety first, above that is health! That’s why I recommend blood cord banking as the #1 splurge all parents should make. I have a history of cancer in my family, so even before the plans to have a baby were discussed, I knew this was something that I needed to invest in for my children. After finding out I was pregnant with my little lady, and a fair share of research, we opted to work with Insception Lifebank. I reckon this can be quite the splurge for many families, making it the queen of baby splurges, but one of the benefits of Insception Lifebank is that you can make monthly payments, rather than having to pay a lump sum. This decision is by far the best investment and splurge that I have made on my little girl.

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