A Style SoireeEmpowerment, Latinidad and Feminism are three terms that come to mind when I think of descriptive terms for A Latina Soiree. A strong and confident Latina is more than what the media wants us to identify with; we’re definitely more than curvy and sultry chicas or mamasitas! I have to note, I don’t directly identify as a Latina Feminist Blogger, but I definitely do relate with many of the topics and themes that these brilliant ladies share with their readers.

For my first official A Latina Soiree post, I want to set the tone by highlighting 5 Latina Feminist bloggers to follow!
5 Latina Feminist Bloggers To Follow

Latina Rebels

This blog, which I found through their Facebook page, is what opened the doors for me as to the combo of  Latinidad, empowerment and feminism. I fell in love immediately!

If their about statement doesn’t capture your attention, I don’t know what will:

Empowering fully present Latinidad, one Latina at a time, by disrupting the binary expectations that are placed on Latinas bodies and minds. MISSION: To f*ck with your colonized expectations of “acceptability”

You can follow them here.

5 Latina Feminist Bloggers To FollowLatina Feminista

I found Juliana Britto, better known as Latina Feminista, through my research for this blog post and I could not stop reading!

She discusses topics of race, reproductive health, Latinos in the Us and so much more. This is the way she frames her blog:

My goal is to bring a wide range of voices and issues to this space, particularly those Latinas we don’t hear from about as much.  My feminism is wide reaching and inclusive, so you might read about the Guaraní people one day, undocumented women in Arizona the next, Afro-Colombian communities the next, Haitian immigrants the next… and on and on. You get it.

You can follow her here.

5 Latina Feminist Bloggers To FollowViva La Feminista

Veronica I. Arreola is a writer, mom and speaker based in Chicago, US. I particularly love her angles of Latinidad and motherhood; that is what attracted my attention to her webpage and blog. She describes herself as:

Veronica is a respected member of the Chicago and national feminist community having worked with organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Women Employed and the National Organization for Women.

You can follow her here.

5 Latina Feminist Bloggers To FollowThe Wise Latina Club

Viviana Hurtado (Ph.D.), an award-winning journalist and TV news anchor, created The Wise Latina Club with the goal of empowering Hispanic women.

Her blog is best described as:

The Wise Latina Club is as multi-dimensional as any woman–we are passionate about our children’s future, our careers, finances, the direction of our country, the care our viejitos are receiving in their golden years, the men we love, our sabor-filled yet healthy food, and our “high-heeled” style.

You can follow her here.

5 Latina Feminist Bloggers To FollowKat Lazo

Not only do we share a last name, we share a very similar amount of sass! I highly recommend you follow her Youtube channelor her Tumblr blog. This is what she’s about:

I’m on a mission call the media out on its B@llsh!t and spark peoples curiosity about what we consider normal.

You can follow her here.

I hope you enjoyed my list of Latina Feminist bloggers. One thing I did note was that they were all from the US, so where are all my Latina-Canadian bloggers at?!

Do you have any Latina Feminist bloggers that you follow that aren’t on my list? Name them in the comments as I’d love to check them out 🙂

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