If you follow me on social media, you’ll quickly notice that it’s no secret that I LOVE my Moby Wrap; however, it was not an easy task to figure it out or to get my little one used to it. After a fellow mama on Instagram asked me for some tips, I was inspired. I’m sharing my very best tips and tricks to getting the best of your Moby Wrap, and also sharing a review on how I grew to love it!

Moby Wrap Review

My Moby Wrap Story

I quickly fell into the rituals of attachment parenting when Zoey was born, it was not something I had planned but rather fell into it accidentally. We followed her lead and I wouldn’t have it any other way! With the attachment parenting lifestyle, Zoey was constantly attached to my hip, which was a dream but also made it difficult to get things done sometimes. This is where my Moby Wrap became a dream!

Above, is a picture of Zoey and I while mommy re-organized our bedroom. She was hanging out on her own until she got bored and wanted to be in mommy’s arms, so in the Moby she went! She hasn’t been one to love her stroller, or enjoy sitting in a shopping cart for too long, so we take our Moby Wrap everywhere we go and strap her in. I sing to her and tap her bum when she gets sleepy and she goes right to nap city in it. I do have to mention….It is THE BEST when going grocery shopping!

Top 5 Tips & Tricks

  1. Mommy First!Try out different wraps and see what feels best for you before you put baby in. I found that the folded wrap was way more comfortable for baby and I, compared to the gathered wrap. It takes a little bit of time to do the folded wrap as you have to ensure the fabric is properly stretched out, but so worth it!
  2. Baby Safety & CareMake sure that your baby is the appropriate age and size for each wrap style. I got my Moby Wrap a little late at so Zoey was able to go straight into the Kangaroo wrap style. In this style, please make sure that your little one’s hips are in the appropriate position to prevent any long-term issues.
  3. Do Your Research!This one goes with my last tip. It is so important to ensure that you look up the safest way to wrap and place your baby in each hold. I found the Moby Wrap YouTube channel to offer some great insight on the types of wraps and how to place your baby safely inside.
  4. Patience, Patience, Patience….My little one didn’t love being in the wrap right away. She’s always been a wiggly one and is not a fan of feeling constricted. I started getting her used to being in the wrap at home. On the first day, I put her in for a few minutes, the next day a little longer and so on. We visited The Toronto Zoo in the summer, and even though we had her stroller with us, she stayed in her wrap the whole time!
  5. Keep Them BusyEven though my baby seems like the perfect little angel in my Instagram photos, sometimes she just isn’t feeling too excited about life (It happens to the best of them and it’s okay!). She is usually great in her wrap, but when she is getting antsy I offer her a snack or a small toy. She also likes to play with the necklaces I wear. This is when one of those mommy teething necklaces would be a great buy and come of brilliant use!

Moby Wrap Review

Nap time in her Moby Wrap during a family trip to Ikea for shopping and lunch; because who doesn’t love those Swedish meatballs?!

Where To Buy

I got lucky with my Moby Wrap since we bought it when Target Canada was closing (*insert sad face here*) at a pretty sweet discount. BUT, I do recommend visiting Snuggle Bugz to purchase yours, online or in-store. If you visit the store, it can be a bit of a drive if you’re in Toronto, but we enjoy their Oakville location because the customer service is great!

I hope you enjoyed my tips, tricks and review on the Moby Wrap! Feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have in the comments below. I’ll be sure to answer them! Also, don’t forget to visit their website for more information here.

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